Great White Sharks

Although Great Whites are mostly seen in the Cape because they have a constant food supply of Seals, they pass through our waters on their migration but are very rarely seen. We were very lucky to see this one on the 2/7/2015 for over an hour on one of our dives at Durban's Aliwal Shoal and it was amazing to see how the other sharks that were on the dive were not bothered by her. What a great experience in our waters!

Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks normally only come through our waters in the Summer months from December to about April when our ocean is filled with plankton, although we have not seen them in the last 4 years due to being killed for their fins. They come through the Mozambique channel on their migration and we could see at least 7 a day just past the last wave from the shoreline. Sadly this is now very uncommon, so to encounter this one at Durban's Aliwal Shoal in the in the Winter on a Cage Dive was a great surprise. When a Whale Shark is 6m in length it indicates they are about 30 years old and at 12m about a 100 years old.