About Shark Cage Diving Durban

Experience the thrill of diving with sharks on Durban's Aliwal Shoal! Sharks gurananteed or your money back with Shark Cage Diving Durban!

Shark Cage Diving Durban have been diving with sharks for more than 25 years and we have never had any incidents while interacting with large apex predators like Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Bull sharks, even without the protection of a cage. The knowledge and experience that we have gained through the years while diving with sharks in Durban KZN, has helped us to share this with Divers and Non-Divers alike.

Due to the fearful fascination people have with sharks and the fact that there are many more non-divers than divers, we started the first Shark Cage Diving operation in Durban in 2010 with conservation and education in mind.

We view the shark cage diving experience as a vital way to connect people with healthy shark populations, such as at Aliwal Shoal, south of Durban. Diving with sharks is intended to increase the level of focus, awareness and compassion the public have for sharks while safely experiencing the thrill of getting close to sharks with Shark Cage Diving Durban.

A typical shark cage dive involves getting into a wetsuit or a costume, donning a mask and climbing into a floating stainless steel cage with between 5 and 20 sharks gliding gracefully by the cage walls.

This experience is available to anyone from 8yrs of age up.
No diving experience required. Non swimmers are welcome.

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